Draft Ops: The Best Option in the DFS Market

May 25, 2016

Draft Ops is an American based daily fantasy sports (DFS) website that allows users to win real money every week. Games on Draft Ops are skill based and 100 percent legal in the United States. The business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating, so you can rest assured that this one is not a scam.

Draft Ops is committed to offering its users the best possible experience, and delivers an easy to use interface that allows you to set a roster in as little as two minutes! The site also allows you to pick how many people you want to compete against, ranging from personal one on one battles to massive tournaments. The prize pool goes up as more people enter the game, so take on all of the competition you think you can handle!

Other sites use a salary cap system that allows pros to maximize their odds by picking players nobody has ever heard of, leaving casual fans out in the cold. As a result, casual fans are hesitant to play these games. has no salary cap, making it accessible to every fan. You can pick any player you want on any given day, without caring who the third string backup is on a team you do not watch for salary cap purposes. You can even roster an All-Star team if you like!

When you win, other sites force you through a laborious process simply to access your money. On DraftOps review,  deposits and withdrawals are both instantaneous and 100 percent secure. The company started with over $7 million in seed money thanks to a partnership with the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, so it can always pay out winners. is also the official DFS site of the Rich Eisen Show. One of the biggest personalities in the NFL today, Eisen would not associate his name with a substandard game. Therefore, you can trust this site's legitimacy. does not cater to the sharks others do. Instead, it caters to the casual fan with a user friendly interface and rules that level the playing field. The site is American based and perfectly legal. Start playing today!

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